Create, Capture, Collaborate - Your Content Drives Organizational Value

A Free eBook to Help You Set the Right Foundation for Your Content Strategy

Create, Capture, Collaborate-Your Content Drives Organizational Value

Get an in-depth look at the first step of Intelligent Information Management (IIM) where it's all about your content – creating it, capturing it, and collaborating with it.

Often referred to as the onramp for the downstream processes that follow - getting this step right means setting the right foundation to make the subsequent IIM steps to leverage your information easier. The goal of this stage is a flexible and modular approach that utilizes content and information wherever and whenever it is needed, independent of where it is stored.

But, the name of the game is changing! In this ebook, we take a deeper look at eight key changing business drivers that are impacting this crucial first step in the information lifecycle, including:

  1. The Shift In Capture Strategy
  2. Growing Privacy and Security Concerns
  3. Improving Downstream Processes
  4. Leveraging Artificial intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML)
  5. Fully Optimizing Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
  6. Dealing with Overflowing Silos
  7. The Extension of Content Services to the Cloud
  8. Rethinking Remote Work, Remote Workers, and the Systems to Support Them

See how your peers in a variety of industries are pivoting to meet these new challenges and rising to new levels of content management excellence.

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