Free Report: Data Privacy 

Playing by New Rules

This report is an updated version of the original report released in January of 2016, and contains newly found research data and regulatory updates not available at the time of its original writing.
Data Privacy - Playing by New Rules

The increasing use of cloud and mobile devices for content access and collaboration puts additional demands on security and protection. Insider threats from staff members are more likely than attacks from external hackers, and the likelihood of data loss through staff negligence is higher still. Creating balanced responsibilities with cloud providers and outsourcers is difficult, particularly when huge corporations are involved. Encryption is important, but using and managing it brings its own problems.

In this executive summary, we've compiled our key findings, including:

  • How well personal data is protected
  • The consequences of data breaches
  • How the new rules apply (including the new European regulations)
  • The impact of new regulations and how users are preparing

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