Free Webinar: The Digital Mailroom: Reimagined

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Mention the phrase “digital mailroom” and many people’s minds immediately lean towards 1990’s style mail rooms, with pigeon holes full of mail, and paper everywhere. The digital mailroom of the past replaced this antiquated scene with a simple scanning operation that took the paper in, and routed an electronic copy out to the relevant person. This view of the digital mailroom is old, defunct, dysfunctional at best.

It’s time to re-imagine the digital mailroom for the 21st century.

Respected industry guru Harvey Spencer shows you the most innovative ways the modern digital mailroom can do so much more than scan incoming mail and route it.Learn how your mailroom can:

  • Act as the input hub for all of the incoming content to your organisation – be that paper mail, email, voice, faxes, and more
  • Automatically identify the type of content, and its where that content needs to go
  • Route captured content to a person, a device, a process, an exception handler – or a combination of these
  • Handle outbound mail and communications, allowing organisations to distribute digital content as opposed to paper

Hear the success stories from companies like yours, and learn how to re-imagine your Digital Mailroom for the 21st Century.

Speakers for this event


Harvey Spencer, President, Harvey Spencer Associates

Panelists will include:


Dave Jones, Marketing Manager - IT Services, Konica Minolta


Joel Mazza, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Lexmark Enterprise Software