Free Webinar: Digital Workflows with eSignatures - Small Changes with BIG Impact

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Encountering too many bottlenecks? Feeling stuck with your operational processes? It’s these types of inefficiencies that hurt our productivity, efficiency, and ultimately our bottom line. In fact, according to recent AIIM research, 65% of our respondents say they are still signing on paper, even though there is wide and growing acceptance of eSignature technology. And 58% of respondents say that being stuck in their processes is their biggest operational problem.

There is a simple and effective way to address both issues – and do so within your ECM system – by incorporating esignatures into your workflow processes. This would make a big impact on keeping your digital documents digital, and improving your operational efficiency.

In this webinar, join leading process improvement expert George Dunn as he teaches you:

  • The best ways to use automation to improve operations
  • The importance of well thought-out digital workflows within your ECM system
  • Tips and best practices to map out the processes you seek to automate and eliminate your bottlenecks
  • The ROI gains by implementing electronic signatures into your workflows

We’ll also hear customer examples of how workflow automation can be easy, even with SharePoint.

Speakers for this event


George Dunn, Independent Consultant, Cre8 Inc

Mary Ellen Power, VP Marketing eSignLive by VASCO

Mary Ellen Power, VP Marketing eSignLive by VASCO