ECM vs. DM - Rivalry by the Numbers

A Free Infographic Comparing ECM and DM

ECM vs DM Rivalry By the Numbers
  • Round 1: Document Management (DM) systems go the distance with documents—comprising the core needs of management, creation, retention, and delivery of structured content.
  • Round 2: Enterprise Content Management (ECM) outlasts DM by bringing advanced security, governance, and workflow automation tools to the ring.
  • Round 3: DM is a signature punch focused on doing one job and doing it well, but lacks the holistic functionality of ECM from email to workflow and process management.
  • Round 4: ECM is a one-two combo; includes the features of a world class DM, but extends them with unrivalled ability to manage unstructured and structured content.

Download This Infographic to find out which content management contender reigns supreme.

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