Enhancing Content Migration in Insurance and Financial Services

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Enhancing Content Migration in Insurance and Financial ServicesStored business content – various files and documents - holds much more data than businesses realize; data that is hidden and unused. This content often moves through an organization – migrating from one system to the next as it moves along through its lifecycle from creation to disposal. The reason for migration can be anything from a need to make room for more storage and the transfer of files from one repository to another, to a transfer of ownership, or even an upgrade in technology or media.

In this eBook, we present the challenges of migration along with the opportunity for businesses to identify and extract valuable data from their content as part of the migration process. Data that can be used to increase the value of their content by transforming that content into searchable, standardized, content that becomes findable and actionable. Regardless of format, data can be used in more ways than originally intended.