Free Webinar: E-Signing in Europe: Find New Ways to Use eSignatures

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Many of us have heard of electronic signatures, but often think its value is only for remote signing or for the people who do business with us. We also fear that the legal risks can outweigh the benefits, especially in light of the new regulations in the EU. All of this is easily surmountable – so how do we integrate esignatures into our business processes? What are the new and different ways Europeans can use esignatures securely and compliantly? And how can this help simplify and improve processes, overall performance, and ROI?

In this webinar, we’ll have an interactive conversation that will:

  • Identify new ways you can incorporate eSignatures into your department, with your customers and partners, and across your organization
  • Offer tips and suggestions for identifying the best starting points within your business process
  • Address the complexity and risks involved, and make you aware of the legal requirements you’ll have to factor in
  • We'll hear customer use cases from the insurance and banking industries to learn how they have succeeded in using esignatures in their processes

Taking the first step doesn’t have to be a scary prospect. Join us and we’ll show you where to begin so you can get your department – your entire organization – ready and willing to embrace the power of eSignatures.

Speakers for this event


Bob Larrivee, VP & Chief Analyst, AIIM


Joerg Lenz, Product Marketing Manager, EMEA Kofax Deutschland