Five Ways Highly Regulated Organizations Can Transform

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In all industries, customers are more digitally demanding than ever, and as a result, big business is doubling down on their investment in digital transformation. According to a recent survey conducted by PricewaterhouseCoopers1, while 52% of enterprise companies either cut or deferred their overall spending during the pandemic, just 9% of those surveyed made cuts to digital transformation. Executives are looking for and investing in new ways of working. And across the board, C-Suite leaders are expecting to receive significant value on their digital investments, not just in areas like efficiency and savings but also in key performance indicators like market growth and profits, innovation, customer experience, and more.

Similarly, remote and mobile-first approaches are in high demand— leaving a staggering effect on customer expectations. Today, we all assume we’ll have an “easy as an app” experience when interacting with service providers. Getting a new mortgage (e.g., with Rocket Loans), buying a used car (e.g., with Carvana), or enrolling in life insurance (e.g., with Ladder) are just a few real-life examples of how digital transformation is impacting everyday life.

The question you must then ask is this: Is your organization being left behind?

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