Free Webinar On Demand — A Fresh Approach to Long-term Data Compliance

It’s no secret that organizations must save and archive a great deal of information these days. But according to our research, 42% of AIIM member organizations feel that information volume and variety are expanding too quickly to keep up. Add to that the requirements for long-term archiving for business continuity and to meet our governance and legal hold requirements and you’ve got an ever-expanding tsunami of information to manage.

In this session, leading information governance analyst Mike Safar reviews many of the challenges in managing today’s infrastructure and explore the implications of long-term archiving in keeping up with governance and privacy needs.

  • What information MUST be kept long-term...and what does not?
  • How can we meet critical compliance requirements while dramatically simplifying the infrastructure?
  • What strategies and policies are current best practices for governing info long-term?
  • Who benefits from a fresh approach to long-term data compliance? 

As records managers and information management professionals, watch this webinar on demand to understand the implications of having access to your longer-term records and document storage needs and how you can ensure that the infrastructure supports your ongoing retention and compliance policies and practices.


Speakers for this event:

Craine, Kevin Mike_Safar_Headshot - 2021

Kevin Craine, MBA
Content Strategist

Mike Safar
Product Marketing Director, Information Governance


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