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Do you understand what Information Chaos is doing to your organization? Do you understand the opportunities for your business in the midst of this chaos? AIIM 2014 speakers show the way.


80+ pages of ideas and best practices for putting your content to work:

  • Insight from AIIM President John Mancini explaining #InfoChaos; Futurist Thornton May talking about social, mobile, cloud, and analytics (the SMAC-stack); Governance with Grant Thornton's Johnny Lee; and Alan Pelz-Sharpe, 451 Group, details content fragmentation.
  • Thinking of governance from an asset, not compliance-only, perspective
  • Don't avoid the cloud when it comes to governance, embrace it
  • The dangers of casual capturers
  • How to create a file plan for SharePoint 2013
  • How to get your project moving

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