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How Digital Disruption Drives Actionable Intelligence

36% of organizations say informed decision making is the most useful advantage of digital transformation.

How Digital Disruption Drives Actionable Intelligence

Your company has reached a digital tipping point. The volume of documents, files, operational data and content that has built up in businesses over the past decades has reached critical mass. It’s time to mine information assets for valuable insight and gain a competitive advantage.

AIIM recently sat down for an interview with Sid Probstein, CTO and VP of Solution Delivery at AI Foundry, to gain his perspective on how companies can best leverage their data assets for business value. (You can access a recording of the full interview here). We also asked Sid to dive into results gathered from a recent AIIM research report titled “Digital Disruption: a Tale of Two Financial Institutions” and give his thoughts on the information future for financial services—one of most active fault lines of business disruption today.

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