Free Webinar: How the Marriage of Robotics, Documents, and Process Can Digitally Transform Your Business

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According to recent AIIM research, 81% of organizations believe that Digital Transformation is “important” or “very important” to their organization. These businesses are in the midst of plans to digitally transform the way they conduct business for more process efficiency, reduced cost, optimized customer experience, and competitive advantage.

Many start their digital transformation journey by automating document processing and manual human-centric tasks. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) promises to automate repetitive, manual tasks normally done by humans. Cognitive Document Automation provides related benefits for document-centric processes, which are typically a challenge for RPA. Together, RPA and document automation deliver the one-two punch that organizations need to succeed in their digital transformation initiatives.

Join us to understand how RPA and document automation work together to automatically and efficiently acquire, understand, and deliver content in critical business processes. We will discuss the business benefits of RPA and Cognitive Document Automation, how artificial intelligence (AI) plays a key role, and common use cases of companies using these technologies to solve business problems.

This webinar is approved for .5 hours of CIP Maintenance Credits.

Speakers for this event:

Atle_Skjekkeland Bazler-Ryan

Atle Skjekkeland
Senior Vice President

Ryan Bazler
Director, Product Marketing