How to Boost ROI and Streamline Document Processing with Intelligent Capture

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Despite so many advances in technology and automation these days, the promise of a totally digital business is not yet a reality. Many organizations still manage key processes – including records management – on paper. At a time when organizations are working to digitize and automate their workflow with more urgency and intent than ever before, why does paper-pushing endure? 

According to our research at AIIM, members tell us that one of the top three reasons for the slow adoption of digitization is an overall “lack of understanding of paper-free options.” This includes what capture technologies can and should do beyond simply connecting a scanner to a document management system or line of business application. 

Enter the concept of “Intelligent Capture”, an approach using a digital workflow that automates the capture and ingestion of content, the sharing and use of that information by people and systems, and the retention and storage of the data in various archives and repositories. Intelligent capture is the onramp to a more digitized and streamlined way of managing important processes like onboarding new employees or clients, processing claims, purchase orders, or invoices, or managing mailrooms with less paper and more efficiency. 

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