Free Webinar: How to Increase Your ROI with Information Management System Modernization

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For years, businesses acquired many information management systems scattered throughout their organisation. Aimed to answer specific business needs, often disconnected, these systems resulted in multiple sources of content locked in silos and are difficult to manage. The last 15 years has shown us that we’ll never get to just one system, yet more than 75% of AIIM respondents said they have challenges finding the right information in a timely way, which leads to low return-on-investment (ROI). Are you one of them?

At the core of every business function – from leadership to line of business – the inability to access and properly manage information affects operational efficiency, customer experience, and profitability. The proliferation of “Big Content” in the digital age has resulted in a patchwork of costly legacy information systems and technologies that store and manage different types of content. It has also left organisations with no way to modernize those systems or connect that information to make it truly useful.

So how do you strategically modernize to move forward and also work – efficiently – in your multiple systems? How do you realize your ROI?

In this webinar, we’ll explore how a new approach to information management modernization using a content services platform that can help you:

  • Connect systems to unify your information
  • Leverage existing IT investments
  • Remove information silos
  • Streamline processes and information access
  • Strategically consolidate, without impacting end users

Don’t miss this thought-provoking discussion to learn how to make the case to modernize your infrastructure. By leveraging your existing investments to start, the information you'll unlock and the ROI you'll gain in the process will be beneficial in helping you continue with your digital transformation journey. Join us today.

This webinar is approved for 1.0 hour of CIP Maintenance Credits.

Speakers for this event:

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Martyn Christian
CEO & Founder

Dave Jones
Director, Product & Industry Marketing