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The First Step on the Digital Transformation Journey

Information Capture - The First Step on the Digital Transformation JourneyDigital transformation is a term we hear constantly these days. Businesses want to digitally transform their operations and move away from paper clogged, manually intense processes to more streamlined processes that flow smoothly, without interruption. In fact, AIIM Research finds that “fifty-six percent of those polled are looking to automate their manual processes with automated document classification and data extraction” at the point of capture.

But, to succeed on the Digital Transformation journey, it requires a strategy, planning and the design of a better information ecosystem - what we refer to as Intelligent Information Management (IIM). Download this eBook to learn how to take the first step. As you read through it, think about your business and the way your organization operates. Think about how things are done today and might be done going forward. Try to apply what you read here to the day-to-day scenarios in your workplace and consider how it could impact your business and change the way you work.

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