Free Article: Information Security

Staying Vigilant

In a recent AIIM survey, 59% of responding organizations report having recently implemented new security solutions, systems, or protocols in the past year.
Information Security - Staying Vigilant

Today’s companies are beginning to realize the importance of protecting their information and ensuring that data assets are managed and shared in an efficient, sensible, and secure manner. In this follow-up article to “Information Security: Checking the Locks,” we explore proactive measures organizations have taken, and should be taking, in efforts to shield critical information from a security breach.

While many focus security strategies on keeping outsiders from getting into the network, a large percentage of serious security breaches come from within, by means of staff negligence, uninformed employees, and lack of adherence to security policies.

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Learn about:

  • How your company can cultivate a culture of security awareness
  • The importance of company-wide consensus and executive buy-in
  • How to combine technology, policy, and culture to combat modern threats to information security