Free Webinar on Demand: Is Content AI a Game Changer?


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There are two converging factors at play today when it comes to information management: Content and Artificial Intelligence. What was once two separate worlds, content and AI are converging for dramatic innovation and transformation. Organizations that are successful in leveraging the two are more likely to come out on top. And with OpenAI commanding front page headlines, now is the time to understand the realities, synergies, and opportunities that are found at the intersection of content and AI...or risk getting left behind.

Is Content AI really a game-changer in business today? That is the subject of our upcoming webinar with Microsoft. We’ll hear exactly what Content AI is, and learn some important best practices to leverage AI so you can enhance your content’s value and manage it at scale. Join our guest experts as we explore:

  • What is Content AI and why is it important?
  • How can we best use external AI apps, but also Microsoft's AI capabilities within their offerings, including Microsoft Syntex?
  • What AI best practices help us get the most value out of information in our organization?
  • In what ways is Content AI being used today...and how can we do it too?

Everyone is talking about AI, but in this session we do more than just talk. We explore why Artificial Intelligence is a breakthrough technology and how we can use AI to optimize enterprise content for process improvement and improved organizational performance.


This webinar is approved for 1.0 hour of CIP Maintenance Credits.



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Host: Kevin Craine, MBA
Content Strategist

Sean Squires
Principal Product Manager
Microsoft Syntex Microsoft

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Steve Pucelik
Content AI Global Black Belt / Sr. Specialist



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