5 Questions – Is Your Organization Ready for AI?

Quickly Assess Your Readiness for AI

Is Your Organization Ready for AI? 


Find out with this helpful infographic.
AI Infographic - public

AI is transforming industries and driving innovation across the globe. Is your organization prepared to leverage this powerful technology? Our authors, Matt Mullen, Alan Pelz-Sharpe, and Kashyap Kompella from Deep Analysis LLC, have crafted a simple yet insightful tool to help you assess your AI readiness.


Download our exclusive infographic and discover:

  1. Identifying AI-Enhanced Processes: Learn how to pinpoint which processes in your organization can benefit most from AI.
  2. Mapping Tasks to AI Solutions: Understand how to list and connect specific tasks to potential AI technologies for optimal efficiency.
  3. Quality Control of Knowledge Pools: Ensure your data and information are ready to fuel your AI systems effectively.
  4. Roles and Skills for AI Operations: Identify the critical roles and skills needed to build, operate, and maintain your AI solutions.
  5. Metrics for AI Success: Determine the key performance indicators that will measure your AI's effectiveness and guide its continuous improvement.

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