Leveraging Deep Learning and Machine Learning Capabilities

A Free Report Exploring Machine Learning and Deep Learning in ECM

Leveraging Deep Learning and Machine Learning Capabilities

As humans we’ve always been obsessed with machines and automaton. In fact, people have been thinking about the relationship between people and machines going all the way back to ancient times, and process automation goes back to the early 20th century! So what’s so different now about AI, and how does it need to be incorporated into your thinking about process automation? For years AI has been held back by a lack of computing power, a lack of data, and a lack of resources. All of that has now changed, so we should all be leveraging AI to its fullest extent, right? Well, we think it’s a bit more complicated than that.

In this eBook, we look at four key questions related to Machine Learning and Deep Learning in the ECM space:

  1. Where do organizations currently stand with regards to their Machine Learning and Deep Learning initiatives? Is the interest real or hype?
  2. What kinds of processes will be the initial target for Machine Learning capabilities?
  3. What do organizations see as the primary drivers for a Machine Learning initiative? What do they see as the primary obstacles?
  4. What spending plans do organizations have for some of the key IIM technologies supporting Machine Learning: a) Multi-channel intelligent capture; b) Content analytics and semantics; c) Data recognition, extraction & standardization; d) PII identification and protection; and e) Robotic Process Automation (RPA)?

Download this FREE ebook for a deeper look at each of these questions and benchmark your organization's efforts to leverage Artificial Intelligence.

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