Free Webinar: Where Are You on your Digital Transformation Journey?

6 Criteria to Measure your Company’s Readiness for Future Success

The path to your company’s longevity and future success is not simply “more technology.” While technology is certainly the enabler, you need to invest heavily on a strategic and cultural shift within the organization.

When it comes mapping your future strategies and practices, AIIM research regularly shows that there is a lot of variation from organization to organization on where you are on the digital journey. While some organizations have taken initial steps, many still lack clear direction. With so much variation, how do you determine the best plan for you?

Join us as we discuss the reasons why you need to understand where you are today, plan for your desired future state, and map how to get there. To accomplish this, we’ll outline 6 criteria to measure your digital maturity.

Companies that truly transform themselves will become the new leaders, the “built to last” organizations of the future. By contrast, laggards in will have to become highly reactive just to survive. And it’s more than just survival – it’s about succeeding. And we’ll show you how.

Speaker for our webinar:


Connie Moore, Senior Vice President of Research, Digital Clarity Group


Patrick McGrath, Director, Digital Transformation, DELL EMC Enterprise Content Division