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Top 5 Information Governance Obstacles You Must Tackle Now

Learn the top 5 information governance obstacles you need to tackle now!

When many business executives hear the term “information governance” (IG), they assume that their enterprise has the policies, procedures, best practices and staff in place to help continuously minimize business risk. Often, however, this is not the case.

One way to begin correcting this situation is with a clear understanding of IG. Here’s one definition: IG is an accountability framework that enables organizations to create, store, use and dispose of information in accordance with regulatory, legal, risk mitigation and business workflow requirements. As an Information Professional and business leader, there are five key areas of focus that can help you to teach employees of the importance of IG and align the organization to support your IG initiatives, policies, and practices. These are:

  1. Keeping up-to-date on the latest regulation and compliance requirements
  2. The impact of the cloud for your data repository
  3. Managing data remediation
  4. Threat awareness
  5. The importance of metadata and managing retention

In this eBook, we look at each of these areas and present some ways to address how your business can make some changes to move forward with your IG program.



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