Free Webinar: Modern Problems Require Modern Solutions

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Most organizations and departments have a mandate to continuously improve operations. A conventional change agenda involves better tools and technology, better behaviors, and better processes, all focused on generating better efficiencies and improved productivity.

In this webinar, we’ll take a detailed look at how today’s content challenges are different from those in the past. We’ll examine the business implications of “big content” and understand what that means, and how your organization can embrace and benefit from these vast stores of information within your infrastructure. We’ll learn that modern problems require a modern solution – and that it all begins with doing things differently – and doing different things as well.

A modern content strategy, geared to meeting the challenges of Big Content in the Digital Age, is a critical part of this equation. Without it, organizations will continue to struggle with legacy solutions that were perfectly fine for yesterday’s problems, but inadequate to deal with the disruptive world that is coming. Join us for this riveting discussion!

This webinar is approved for 1.0 hour of CIP Maintenance Credits.

Speakers for this event:

Weintraub-Alan Rocha-Frank

Alan Weintraub
Leading Industry Analyst

Frank Rocha
Director of Marketing