New Tools Provide the Right Prescription for Co-authoring Success

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Three tips to help ensure success with your next project requiring complex collaboration.

New Tools Provide the Right Prescription for Co-authoring Success in Pharmaceutical and Life Science Industries CoverIn the Pharmaceutical and Life Science industries, document submissions and proposals can be extremely complex. For example, submissions to the Food and Drug Administration can total hundreds of pages and require multiple contributors.

But, no matter what industry you're in, assembling massive amounts of information with insufficient co-authoring tools – often make the effort overwhelming and often painfully disorganized due to:

  • Lots of Complex Content: Hundreds of pages of complex content that includes text, graphics, data, photographs, and other elements that come from a variety of systems and sources.
  • Lots of Players: Co-authoring these applications involves a large, multi-disciplinary, cross-site team working together.
  • Lots of Time: A long period of time is needed to produce these comprehensive documents. 

When you add it all up, it's no wonder that version tracking problems and struggles with compiling multiple formats into one consistent document often result in late nights and stressful deadlines.

But, there is an easier way to fuel your co-authoring through a database-driven approach. If you're ready to leave the headaches of complex co-authoring behind you, download this FREE tip sheet to learn about a database-driven approach to co-authoring and three tactics to transform your strategy.



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