Paper at the Gates: Driving Digital Revolution with Modern Capture

A Free eBook Exploring the Starting Line for Digital Transformation

Managing critical processes and documents from the beginning of the digital lifecycle—whether converting physical content or acting on digital born data— increases the productivity of operational teams, ensures information quality, and reduces the monetary, human resource, and time costs related to capture.

However, requirements for digital transformation are beginning to require more advanced functionality to be successful. Organizations are not only expected to capture information for storage and record management, but to capture data assets with the express purpose of leveraging it for business value, to be routed across automated workflows, and delivered to the right departments and people at any time and on any device.

Download this eBook to learn how capture is the entry point to the digital office, the gateway for inbound and outbound content, as well as the starting line where digital transformation initiatives begin.

Learn about:

  • How modern capture solutions build a foundation for digital business
  • Your peers’ experience with paper-free efforts and modern capture products
  • Best practices and recommendations

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