Paper Free 2016: Are We There Yet? 

A Free Infographic with an Update on All Things Paper-Free

Paper Free 2016: Are We There Yet

AIIM research finds that for 65% of respondents demand for paperless communications is somewhat to rapidly on the rise. What holds us back, however, is the human factor, still the primary reason for paper use in handling, reading, and signing important documents. Also, there is a lack of management support to move away from paper, and not enough understanding and awareness when it comes to paper-free options.

In this infographic, we take stock of paper in the enterprise to find out how many of us still believe in the paper-free journey, where are we headed, and what do we hope to achieve.

Learn about:

  • The degree of success paper-free initiatives have found with your peers
  • What work still needs to be done to create paper-free or paper-light offices
  • Recommendations and next steps

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