Free Webinar: 3 Ways to Power Your Case Management with Content Analytics

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We use Case Management to improve the way we serve our partners and customers by grouping all of their related information together, front-and-center, in an easy to access “case”. Case Management includes a collection of information, processes, advanced analytics, business rules, and collaboration that allows for efficient – and superior – business operations and outcomes.

At the heart of Case Management is the daunting task of trying to put all of the information included in a case to work by making a decision or an informed action. But, in a world that seems to triple its information output every year, this task is becoming harder and harder to manage. So, how can you possibly know all there is to know to run your business?

That’s where the use of Analytics comes in. When teamed up with Case Management, a new world of business value is opened up that allows for contextual search, investigative analytics, predictive analytics, and more! In this webinar, we’ll be joined by leading process improvement expert Nathaniel Palmer as he shares:

  • An overview of Case Management and the latest advancements 
  • How content analytics can extend your process improvements and Case Management initiatives
  • How this combination can have a remarkable impact on your organization’s ability to use the knowledge you already have to understand your customers

To tie it all together, we’ll hear actual customer stories that demonstrate how organizations are using this one-two combination of analytics and case management to provide value and ROI.

Speakers for this event

Nathaniel Palmer, Director, Business Solutions & Services, Serco

David Jenness, Market Manager, IBM