Free Webinar On Demand - Social Networks’ Impact on Information Management


We don’t often think of social media when it comes to information governance. But the fact is that social networks ARE information repositories. Is social content part of your strategy for records management?

There are, of course, large platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn to consider, but things like company blogs, community sites, and customer chat feature all represent potentially risky and perhaps valuable sources of information. Is your social media network another silo? How do you manage and govern it? Does content there pass into or connect with your Case Management or other appropriate system(s)?

Watch the replay video where we explore some essential factors to consider and investigate how to include social media content in your records and information management strategies.

  • How should we factor social content silos into our information governance and analytics efforts?
  • What part should internal social communities and customer-facing social content play in records management?
  • How can social networks fuel better workflow and boost process improvement?
  • How does social information management influence customer experience and organizational performance?

These social media networks are often already part of your business strategy. This vital discussion will shed light on ensuring the content from these networks are incorporated into your intelligent information management efforts.


Speakers for this event:

Kevin Craine Steve Weissman 2022

Host: Kevin Craine, MBA
Content Strategist

Steve Weissman
The Info Gov Guy
Holly Group


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