Free Webinar On-Demand: Striving for Better Business Outcomes? Who Isn’t! Learn How a New Generation of Workflow Tools Enables Cooperation between Business and IT

According to the Project Management Institute, 9.9% of every dollar is wasted on failed deployments —and that's considered an improvement from 14.2% just a few years ago. Much of that progress is due to new software design that allows for configuration of applications by the business experts who use the system. Certainly, IT remains essential to select and install software that meets infrastructure, security, and governance requirements, but it is the business users that get to adapt and arrange them to best suit their process needs.

In this webinar, we’ll take a close look at this new development thinking including:
  • The features and functionality found in today’s best-of-breed automation tools — necessary for intelligent workflows
  • Why IT shouldn’t be side-stepped; how their oversight facilitates proper governance and compliance of information management policies
  • How business units should responsibly leverage their “new power”
  • Examples of how companies today are using these intelligent automation tools

It has long been considered an imperative to bring people, processes, and technology together for best business outcomes. With IBM’s help, we’ll show you how adaptable and flexible intelligent automation tools make that a reality. Don’t miss this exciting discussion!


This webinar is approved for 1.0 hour of CIP Maintenance Credits.


Speaker for this event:

Palmer-Nathaniel-2 mnishiki_professional-1   

Nathaniel Palmer
Transformation Leader &
Influential Thought Leader in Business Process Management (BPM)

Michael Nishiki, EMBA
North American ECM | Case Solutions Sales Leader



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