Free eBook:Taming Information Sprawl with a Radically New Approach to ECM

50% of AIIM community members report having three or more ECM/DM/RM systems, and 22% have five or more.

The reality in organizations today is the existence of multiple information management systems, usually lacking in integration. The result is siloed content, and a business littered with databases and information repositories that cannot talk with one another.

But what if it didn’t matter where an information asset is stored or which system manages it? This is the guiding question for a repository-neutral approach to ECM, which hinges on the concept that information fueled by metadata can be optimally accessed and processed based around the knowledge of context and its relationships, rather than where it is stored.

Download this eBook to discover what opportunities a repository-neutral approach to ECM offers. Learn how to:

  • Tame information sprawl with intelligent metadata
  • Bypass system migration headaches
  • Drive user adoption with intuitive, user friendly UIs