The Emotions of Change - How to Help Teams Through the Cycle of Change

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"Resistance to change is often a more troubling problem than even the most complicated tangle of technology."

The Emotions of Change CoverThere are three important factors to consider when implementing a new technology. The first two, the technology itself and the processes it will affect, are obvious. People are the oft-overlooked third. How well you help your stakeholders through the cycle of change can make or break the success of your implementation.

To many, change is scary. The perfectly human reaction to resist change by default can cause even the most well thought-out projects to stall or fail.

Avoid this common pitfall by understanding the process people use to deal with change. In this handy guide, you will learn how to manage your team through each stage of the cycle of change:

  • The Comfort Zone
  • The No Zone
  • The Chasm
  • The Go Zone

With respect and understanding for each of these four stages, you'll be on your way to bringing about meaningful and beneficial change to your organization.

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