The Impact of SharePoint - 2016

A Free Report on the Impact of SharePoint

The Impact of SharePoint 2016

The SharePoint platform has evolved to become a digital workspace and universal interface.

SharePoint is being used in support of collaborative efforts of all kinds including co-authoring of documents, information sharing, and an integration point with all enterprise information sources.

In this study, we find that there is a slight increase over the last year of SharePoint use in an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and Document Management (DM) role with 28% of respondents citing it is their only (10%) or main (18%) ECM/DM system.

However, can SharePoint ultimately be a platform upon which ECM, DM, RM, and collaboration can be built, implemented and expanded?

In this executive summary, we've compiled our key findings, including:

  • SharePoint adoption opportunities and challenges
  • How others in our community are utilizing SharePoint
  • Information to help you plan for your organization's future

Most importantly, you'll get the information you need to help your organization plan a long-term SharePoint strategy.

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