The Impact of SharePoint - 2016 

An AIIM Infographic

AIIM Research finds that 70% of respondents have little to no awareness of what SharePoint 2016 offers.
The Impact of SharePoint 2016

Microsoft has orbited the information management sphere for a long time, and their flagship document management and collaboration suite, SharePoint, has been a fixture in the enterprise for more than a decade. Their latest release SharePoint 2016 positions as a digital workspace and a category of universal interface to support collaborative efforts of all kinds; these collaborative efforts include co-authoring of documents and information sharing, to hosting an integration point for all enterprise information sources.

However, despite SharePoint’s brand ubiquity, there exists a marked lack of awareness within the user community regarding the capabilities of SharePoint 2016. In addition, SharePoint 2016 deployments in the enterprise are mired in issues slowing uptake, stalling out projects, and taking the wind out of plans to expand or integrate further.

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  • SharePoint challenges faced by your peers
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