The Info Pro's "Save Your Sanity" Checklist

A Step by Step Checklist to Automate Governance and Compliance without Losing Your Head

Don't work harder, work smarter!

The Info Pro’s “Save Your Sanity” Check list CoverDo you feel stressed trying to keep up with the increasing amount of information in your business environment that needs to be managed and protected? Well, you're not alone, in fact we're seeing that same frustration all over the AIIM Community - we're calling it the Information Chaos Paradox.

In short, we're seeing people scrambling to try and manage and protect their ever-increasing business information, leaving them with no time to figure out and research how to use tools like automation to get ahead of it all. In fact, here’s a closer look at what’s happening environmentally that’s causing us all to feel like we’re up to our necks in information.

  1. Traditional approaches to managing governance and compliance are failing to address the rising tide of information.
  2. There has been a migration — and at times a revolution — in how organizations think about unstructured information, the cloud, and automated systems.
  3. Organizations need to move the conversation about Information Governance to higher ground.
  4. Organizations are seeking to make their compliance efforts more cost-effective and valuable by embracing technologies and approaches that automate governance and compliance.

When you add it all up, it's no wonder that we're all feeling the pressure. The good news is we’ve outlined 14 steps that you can begin taking today to start automating your governance and compliance – and ultimately make your job easier and less time-consuming.