The True Cost of Data Retention

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The True Cost of Data RetentionInformation is considered by many businesses to be one of its most important assets. As such, information must be kept secure, available to those who are authorized to access it, and properly disposed of based on an organization’s governance policies and legal or regulatory guidelines. In order to maintain this, there are retention periods that must be applied, security controls put in place, and disposition criteria defined and executed in order to maintain compliance and consistent practices.

Despite major improvements in information management capabilities over the past 10 years, organizations have only marginally kept pace with the new wave of “Big Content” challenges.

  • The average number of content systems in use continues to rise
  • The average number of systems has grown by nearly 30% over the past five years
  • There's a growing portion of critical business content (now 54%) that remains OUTSIDE those content management systems

Organizations are facing an explosion of unstructured content retention challenges. The volume of unstructured information that is coming into organizations — much of it content — is challenging even the most well-intentioned of organizations in their efforts to keep up.

Businesses will save a ton of time if they take steps NOW to put the systems in place to govern the rising tide of unstructured data that powers your business.

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