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Information governance and data protection practices have changed significantly in the past few years, as the digital landscape continues to grow. External threats and cyber hacks may capture the news cycle, but risks from within the organization can be just as prevalent and harmful. Indeed, according to research from Microsoft, 20% of security breaches are due to internal actors. And now, with millions of people working remotely, data is being created, accessed, shared, and stored outside of the traditional borders of the enterprise. As a result, the risk of employees disclosing private or sensitive content – either inadvertently or maliciously – cannot be overlooked.

AIIM often says intelligent information management is much more than managing risk and compliance, but when and where you DO need to keep your eye on risk, what important aspects should demand your attention?

This webinar replay will focus on why traditional ways of identifying and mitigating risks simply don’t measure up and how an effective and holistic approach includes the right people, processes, and tools. We explore:

  • What Insider Risk is and why it is something we should not overlook.
  • Which elements best characterize success in an insider risk program.
  • How we should design our programs to grow and advance in the face of increasing risk.
  • and approaches that can help us conduct an insider risk assessment.

Watch the replay for another important and thought-leading discussion with our guest experts from Microsoft.

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Host: Kevin Craine, MBA
Content Strategist

Stéphane Laguerre
Information Protection Specialist


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