AIIM Virtual Event— Create, Capture, Collaborate: Your Content Drives Organizational Value

The information coming into our organizations is increasing in volume, velocity, variety, and value. Our ability to intelligently capture this information in an automated and consistent way, share it with internal/external customers/partners, and integrate it into business processes is a core element of Intelligent Information Management. Many would say that it is the “on ramp” to the downstream functions that drive organizational value. 

Join us as we probe these questions that every organization should consider:
  • Do you use artificial intelligence to automate the processing and categorization of incoming information in all forms as it enters the organization?
  • Can you automatically extract the data and information that is necessary to initiate or drive core business processes?
  • How has your content ingestion changed in a work-from-home environment?
  • Do you have an explicit strategy and systems to encourage collaboration, especially across virtual workforces and organizational boundaries? 
Then, learn from a variety of organizations that have applied capture and collaboration capabilities to fully optimize their organization’s most valuable asset.

This Virtual Event is approved for 2.5 hours of CIP Maintenance Credits.


Our Event Speakers


Host:  Kevin Craine, MBA

Content Strategist,
Host & Producer AIIM On Air Podcast



Keynote: Peggy Winton, CIP

President & CEO


rob browne

Speaker: Rob Brown

Project Quality Assurance

Papyrus Software

greg council circle

Speaker: Greg Council

Vice President


gabby kalaw

Speaker: Gabby Kalaw

Director Global Alliances


alan pelz-sharpe circle

Speaker: Alan Pelz-Sharpe


Deep Analysis



Keynote: Create, Capture, Collaborate: Your Content Drives Organizational ValueMaturity

Peggy Winton
President, AIIM


Join AIIM President, Peggy Winton, as she take a deeper look at content optimization capabilities to see how changing business drivers are impacting their application in your organization.

Intelligent Document Capture

Rob Browne 
Senior Manager— Project Quality Assurance 
Papyrus Sofware


Practical Steps to Develop Your Roadmap Automation

Greg Council 
VP of Marketing and Product Management 

Automation technology has gotten significantly better in the past three years. Application of machine learning, done correctly, can deliver dramatically improved results at lower costs. This session focuses on the practical steps for how to develop your roadmap so that you will always know exactly where you are in your automation journey. Join Greg Council, VP of Marketing and Product Management at Parascript, where he discusses four areas to develop your automation roadmap for Intelligent Document Processing (IDP):
• Machine Learning and IDP
• Determining if you are ready for your IDP project
• Optimization and what that really means
• Troubleshooting in a Machine Learning world

Data in the Wild

Gabby Kalaw
Director of Customer Success

More than ever, organizations are relying on online platforms—like websites, social media, and team chat tools—to communicate both internally between employees and externally with customers and other stakeholders. As limitless amounts of unstructured data are being generated in real-time, information professionals must quickly adapt to tame and harness this wild data.

This presentation discusses how organizations can adopt a multi-channel governance approach that effectively deals with dynamic online sources, while understanding and satisfying the distinct needs of departmental stakeholders.

With the right approach, information professionals can begin automating multi-channel captures, centralizing, searching, exporting, and ultimately, using this collaboration data to their organization’s advantage.

Why Successful Digital Transformation is NOT about Technology

Kevin Craine, MBA 
Content Strategist

Kevin will explore recent findings from AIIM research that show that the top obstacles to digital transformation all relate to senior executive buy-in and support... not the technology.

In this session we will explore five ways AIIM members can get the C-Suite awareness and support they need, how we can construct strategies and proposals that will resonate with decision-makers, and ways to better initiate and manage change – from the front line to the boardroom.

"IM practitioners in the field have long confided to me that they struggle to get a seat at the C-Suite table," explains Kevin. "Ultimately, this holds many organizations back in terms of achieving real transformation and process improvement. My keynote will explore why that is and what we can do about it."

The Dawn of Cognitive Capture

Alan Pelz-Sharpe 
Deep Analysis


Document Capture has been around for decades. The ability to liberate documents from their physical form into the digital realm has yielded benefits in productivity and security while helping to reduce costs. Recently, advances in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) combined with relatively mature OCR technology made it possible to not only liberate the document but the embedded business information required to drive business operations.

Join leading industry analyst Alan Pelz-Sharpe as he highlights the impact of these new technologies on the evolution of the document capture market.


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