Free Webinar: Tapping the Power of Content Analytics – Exploring this Powerful Solution

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There’s a lot of talk about analytics in our community – saying it’s the key to unleashing the true power of insights to transform your business. According to new AIIM research, 46% of respondents indicated that the greatest focus within their organizations in the next 12 months will be on analytics. And it’s no wonder with list of its benefits, including unifying digital information – including unstructured, scanned and user generated – across channels. Content analytics provides the “last mile” of insight, ultimately required for automating business processes and creating customer-centered journeys that go beyond conventional encounters.

What’s most surprising is that despite all of the interest in content analytics, only 20% of our survey respondents are currently using it. To learn how to make the best use of this very helpful tool, we called in our good friend and content analytics expert Seth Earley, from Earley Information Science to help us out.

Join us for webinar where we’ll discuss how to take the guesswork out of unstructured analytics and begin to use it to connect the dots, make smarter business decisions, and put your data to work for you. Let’s stop talking about analytics and start benefitting from it! You’ll learn about:

  • The benefits and ROI of using analytics to make information actionable and drive business decisions
  • How to get started with this powerful solution
  • How analytics can help you become more customer-centric
  • Details on how this is being used in industries like Financial Services, Health Insurance and Manufacturing

Speakers for this event


Seth Earley, CEO & Founder, Earley Information Science

Sid Probstein, CTO and VP of Professional Services, AI Foundry