Free Webinar: Flexibility vs. Control: How to Work Beyond Corporate Firewalls – Safely

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Organizations are faced with the challenge of providing a flexible and secure environment supporting the agile needs of their remote workforce, partners, and clients. Real world businesses, especially those in heavily regulated industries, must find secure ways of interacting with people, and extending their processes beyond the corporate walls. AIIM research finds that cloud-based applications are a serious part of the infrastructure discussion, yet only 5% of respondents indicated they have an “official” cloud-based option. Not only does this create the potential for additional, unofficial  information silos that for the most part are unseen by the business – they also present a risk factor from a security, and compliance view.

In this webinar, learn new and better ways to take your office with you. We’ll offer best practices to:

  • Expertly manage your corporate information across repositories, apps, and services
  • Make your workforce more productive
  • Save costs, prevent technology lock-in, and reduce shadow IT
  • Facilitate accessing your corporate information on any device

We’ll outline the benefits – and cautionary tales – as you consider how to succeed in working beyond the corporate walls.

Speaker for this event:


J. Kevin Parker, CIP, Senior Enterprise Information Architect, NEOSTEK