Workflow and Process Security - Checking the Locks

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With so many potential threats, your documents aren’t as secure as you think, or hope, they are. No one is immune to the challenges of securing your infrastructure, your applications, and your data. We're all well aware of everyday threats like bank transfer "requests" from the CEO; we’ve all seen how devious malware and phishing scams can be; and let’s not forget about the unintentional data breaches that organizations face.

So how do you ‘check the locks’ of your data security? It all starts with shoring up your processes and workflows. In this webinar, we’ll discuss tips and tricks for managing your documents as they enter into and within your workflows – with security in mind. We’ll discuss why it’s so important to:

  • control who has access to various document types within the different parts of your workflows, and to monitor the activity
  • protect your information when you print, scan, or send/route those documents into your workflows and beyond
  • regularly train and audit your staff on information security and compliance best practices
  • secure and protect your sensitive information so that you can maintain confidentiality and help be in regulatory compliance

Speakers for this webinar:

Marko Sillanpaa

David Fisher
Senior Product Marketing Manager, Scanner Products
Brother International


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