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Case management, Customer experience management, or Moving Beyond the Call Center from Hell

Feb 6, 2015 2:36:00 PM by John Mancini

call center case managementMoving Beyond the Call Center from Hell

There is a critical need to rethink how we engage with customers. Most organizations have a thin veneer of social engagement -- a twitter account, or a Facebook site, or a mobile app.

The challenge moving forward is that most of these systems are basically a veneer, unconnected with core back-end business processes. Everyone has experienced the Call Center from hell, where you wait in a long queue for a real person, only to have to constantly restate information to all of the various people with whom you speak. 

Organizations have long had a challenge with building a 360-degree view of the customer. In an era of radical transformation, this problem is getting more pronounced -- except now, the customer has social power to immediately tell the world when they've had a bad experience with your business.  Some call getting your arms around this Case Management (often those with a document perspective, some call it Customer Experience Management (often those with a WCM perspective), but at the core of both is aligning people with processes and information.  (See my earlier 2015 prediction post, 2015 Prediction No. 6 -- Case Management Lights Up (Or A Rose By Any Other Name?)

Think about these data points:

1 -- 54% of organizations are finding the rapid convergence of collaboration and social tools to be very confusing.

2 -- 65% of organizations as say that their employees struggle to access internal information from mobile devices.

3 -- 50% of organizations believe that they have shortfalls in technical support for internal collaboration.

4 -- 42% of organizations struggle with rationalizing the many ways customers engage with them and connecting these inputs to key business systems.

Your back-end business processes are now exposed, warts and all.  Get serious about customer experience management at AIIM15.

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