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13 Things You Don't Know About Content Analytics

Apr 5, 2017 10:46:00 AM by John Mancini

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Content analytics provides the “last mile” of insight, ultimately required for automating business processes and creating customer-centered journeys that go beyond conventional encounters. 

We surveyed 276 decision makers about whether – and how – they are using content analytics to improve their business processes in Using Analytics – automating processes and extracting knowledge.  Here’s what they told us:

  • 27% see content analytics as essential now. 59% see it as essential within the next 5 years.
  • 58% percent admit they are “poor” at using auto-classification.
  • 39% are challenged with poor insight into their business operations.
  • 43% are addressing challenges related to duplication of content creation.
  • 64% see content analytics as a way to improve productivity and remove manual steps.
  • 62% see content analytics as a way of providing business insight.
  • 25% respondents say their processes are flowing faster and more smoothly as a result of using inbound analytics.
  • 25% are using auto-classification for assigning security and access controls.
  • 21% are using auto-classification for metadata allocation and correction.
  • 61% feel the best use of the intelligence derived from content analytics is in providing better insight and decision-making capabilities.
  • 14% use automated analysis on social streams, communities, news feeds, and inbound communications.
  • 32% have more than one content analytics application in place.
  • 25% have realized ROI for big content projects within 12 months.

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