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7 questions you should ask about paper reduction and process transformation - Number 2

Sep 2, 2015 9:12:23 AM by John Mancini

7 questions you should ask about paper reduction and process transformation


Number 2 -- In what kinds of processes can a focus on paper reduction generate quick wins?

  • In general a focus on paper reduction yields quick results -> 60% of users have seen ROI on their paper-free projects within 12 months, and an impressive 77% within 18 months. Faster response to customers and higher productivity are seen as the biggest benefits, along with improved remote and mobile availability. Legal and finance departments are considered to be the most resistant to paper-free working.
  • Accounting processes still a great place to start -> On average, 44% of invoices arrive as electronic (PDF, Fax, EDI). 59% of these will still end up as a paper copy, mostly printed prior to manual processing (39%). 13% print a copy and then scan it back in. Only 8% pass it directly to the capture system.
  • Eliminating paper at the door is a proven strategy -> 38% of users showed an ROI from digital mailrooms within 12 months, and 60% within 18 months.
Number 1 -- Why should you care about paper reduction and process transformation

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