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The Weak Link in Your Supply Chain - Information Logistics

Apr 21, 2017 11:39:30 AM by John Mancini


The term “Logistics” conjures up images of complicated supply chains, and the Rube Goldberg-esque complexities of summarizing, rationalizing, and reporting on them in an intelligent way.  

As bad as this is on the physical side of the business, most likely the information flows associated with these physical flows look even worse.

Here are 3 reasons why these core information logistics issues are more challenging than ever before:

  1. There is a “generational” shift underway between “legacy” ECM systems and more “modern” platforms.
  2. Content that is stored in file sync and share systems – especially those that are more “consumer” than “enterprise” -- is often inaccessible to the organization at large.
  3. Content tied to SaaS processes is often locked up in those SaaS silos.

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