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Content Management - Why Can't We Stop Talking About Technology?

Aug 9, 2016 8:56:36 AM by John Mancini

Content Marketing Why Can't We Stop Talking About Technology

For many years, I’ve watched people in organizations that I KNOW could benefit from content technologies politely listen to sales presentations, nod their heads and then back away from a decision.

I find this “reluctance to commit” mysterious, because most of the people that I’ve spoken with who have automated a previously paper-driven process swear by the results and wouldn’t return to life pre-content management for anything.

I’m convinced that this “reluctance to commit” is due to the fact that many on the sell-side of our industry (including AIIM at times, I’ll confess!) can’t resist talking about technology. ECM! BPM! Taxonomies! Metadata! Capture!

So let’s forget about this “content management thing” for a moment and think about how bad, manual, and paper-clogged processes impact a few real people. I've put together a short tip sheet on the 5 Faces of Information Chaos.  It's just designed to spark some conversations among people who have never considered the potential impact of content technologies -- feel free to use however helpful.

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