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Theresa M. Resek, CIP

Theresa is a project and program director who has produced over 350 educational webinars. She's worked in Information Management for nearly 20 years and has her MBA, CIP, and has completed AIIM's training programs in ECM, ERM, and BPM.
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Going Down the Rabbit Hole

Feb 15, 2018 10:44:00 AM by Theresa M. Resek, CIP

When I was a young child, in an era when school papers had to be researched in libraries with card catalogs and shelves upon shelves of books, my father had the bright idea to purchase a complete set of Encyclopedia Britannica. Now, we lived on a tight budget and my mother wasn’t too thrilled with this splurge when a perfectly good library was so close to home. Dad wouldn’t hear of it! “Our girls need the best education we can offer,” so of course, mom relented.

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Topics: ecm, capture, digital transformation,, machine learning, intelligent information management

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