Artificial Governance Resources
Patricia C. Franks

By: Patricia C. Franks on October 24th, 2023

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Artificial Governance Resources

Information Governance  |  Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI Governance Resources 

Patricia C. Franks and Scott Cameron provided this list of helpful resources. Be sure to check out their AIIM blog post about paradata and documenting artificial intelligence (AI) processes. 

While not exhaustive, this list of standards and frameworks will provide a starting point to understand AI-related responsibilities and risks when devising approaches to documenting AI implementations.  


Multi-national: Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD)  

European Union  

United States 

About Patricia C. Franks

Dr. Patricia C. Franks is a Certified Archivist, Certified Records Manager, and Information Governance Professional, as well as a member of ARMA International’s Company of Fellows. She is co-editor of the Encyclopedia of Archival Science, the Encyclopedia of Archival Writers, 1515-2015, and the International Directory of National Archives. She is author of Records and Information Management now in its second edition. She was team lead on the 3DPDF Consortium’s 2020 Whitepaper, Understanding Blockchain’s Role and Risk in Trusted Systems.