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Ben Richardson

Ben is a director at Acuity Training ( - a UK-based company providing training on MS Project and project management.

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Project Planning and Management

The Quality Coach, Developer’s Friend, Product Owner’s Helper and All-Round Great Quality Engineer

As a project manager that specializes in digital software products, I will let you in on a secret about a new role, a new type of person that is emerging in the ranks—and it’s all good news for your project. This particular role actually inspired this series of articles about new roles that were emerging in the project life cycle due to digital disruption. The previous articles in this series are: The Servant Leader, Team Doctor, Technically-Comfortable Agile Project Manager The Connected, Inspired, Hands-on Project Sponsor – Leading the Digital Charge The Emergence of the Elusive Digital Unicorn As a project sponsor or agile project manager, you should definitely be on the lookout for this person, because if you can find them and secure them for your team, you will have given yourself a much-needed advantage in ensuring you ship a quality product. The person is the new type of QA engineer.

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