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Joerg Lenz

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Digital Signatures

Identifying E-signature Requirements to Accelerate Digital Adoption and Meet Global Compliance

Eighteen years after US ESIGN Act and 21 years after the world’s first laws on electronic signatures went into force in Germany and Singapore the benefits of e-signatures are widely understood and many organizations rolled out e-signature to some extent. However, users are reporting mixed experience with some of these solutions: some are not providing a compelling user experience; some have not been designed to support omni-channel strategies; some have found a lack in workflow orchestration, deployment options, or integration capabilities; and some have found that the solutions were not designed to meet global compliance requirements. Today, many e-signature implementations are in a silo stage. In a recent AIIM webinar, Craig Le Clair, Forrester VP and Principle Analyst, and Florian Vondal, Allianz Solution Architect, took a closer look at the “esign of the times” and what must be considered when attempting to accelerate e-signature adoption enterprise-wide and meet global compliance. Some key take ways:

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