Embracing the Unique Identity of Women in Information Management: Finding Acceptance and Home

Embracing the Unique Identity of Women in Information Management: Finding Acceptance and Home

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"I don’t look in the mirror to find people who look exactly like me. I look in the mirror to find acceptance- to find home.”

During the WIIM Round Table at AIIM Conference, someone asked why they should put the energy into this group when there were others, they could join that served the same function in other organizations. The answer to that lies in the uniqueness of our community and culture. 

We are not teachers, but many of us teach.

We are not writers, but many of us write.

We are not librarians, but we organize information.

We are not legislators, but we must know the regulations.

We are not lawyers, but we must know the law.

We live and work in the liminal spaces where transformation and possibility reside. It is this possibility that we, as Women in Information Management, must take advantage of. Together, we weave a tapestry of resilience and innovation. We create space where we are safe to explore ideas, to make mistakes, to learn, and to improve. Within this group, we can let vulnerability be our strength. We can celebrate diversity, knowing that success wears many faces.


There are other groups of women, but none are poised in the information management space. The skills they champion may be tangential to our needs but they do not sit fully in the same sphere. We are at a turning point in information management and together we can lead the charge.


In the closing keynote for the AIIM conference, Alan Pelz-Sharpe stated that we are in a golden age of information management, and it is our job to not let this opportunity pass us by. Let’s band together, find our commonalities, celebrate our differences, be strong, be vulnerable, be real. Let’s live in the unique world of information management and continue to grow and adapt and support each other along the way.


Let’s find acceptance.

Let’s find home.


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About Sarah Lambert-Sheffield, CIP

Sarah Lambert-Sheffield, CIP is the Lead Document and Records Management Specialist for the M&O Contractor of the Strategic Petroleum Reserve. Sarah has been at the SPR for 7 years, but has been in the information industry on and off since 2008. Prior to her current position, Sarah worked on the project to help Tulane libraries recover after the Hurricane Katrina disaster. Sarah lives in New Orleans, LA with her wife and their furbabies, 2 dogs (Rowan and Paisley) and 3 cats (Tilt, Shiva, and Atticus).