Empowering Progress: How AIIM

Empowering Progress: How AIIM's Certification Transformed IsDB's Approach to Intelligent Information Management

Intelligent Information Management (IIM)  |  Certified Information Professional (CIP)

I am so honored that nine of my colleagues at Islamic Development Bank (IsDB) have successfully been Certified as “Certified Information Professional” (CIPs) by AIIM.

Enabling my colleagues working in my Enterprise Content, Documents & Records Management (ECDRM) ECDRM team to get accredited and obtain adequate Intelligent Information Management (IIM) specialized knowledge was one of my dreams to achieve in my organization. This will streamline their careers and contribute to improving their performance.


I selected the “HRSD-12063 AIIM+ Pro Training” line, which meets most of our needs and covers any gaps. This achievement was one of the KPI goals of my department. Our extensive online training program included a special instructor-led curriculum and learning path provided by Franz Gangl, CIP.

During and after the early days of planning of the initiative, I obtained the full support of my director Br. Dhari Al Shammary . I have achieved my goal with the keen and close help of Katie Mulqueen, CIP , from AIIM, and the remarkable facilitation of our ISDB Lead Performance and Development Specialist, Br. Elghifari Ibrahim Hussein.

I appreciate the focused dedicated outstanding efforts of Br. Abdullah Baqadir from my IsDB ECDRM Team, the detailed professional steps, patience, understanding and cooperation of Georgina Clelland, CIP,  from AIIM team, and the full IsDB Corporate Procurement Division support of Br. Abderrahman Sadiki. They are the three persons behind the success of this valuable knowledge path.

Now, let us know more about this vital training path from AIIM and the justification behind my directions….

As we all know, AIIM states that there is a need for end-to-end knowledge and skills to manage the unstructured information and data presented as business content, documents and records (CDR). This covers the life cycle from initiation, creation, receipt to storage and/or disposal. Due to the importance of CDR as a source of knowledge, evidence of business activity, and information assets/objects, there is a need to focus on upgrading the IsDB's dynamic team in managing content, documents, records, and business processes.

Content, documents, and records are increasingly digital, offering opportunities for new kinds of use and reuse. Digital environments also allow greater flexibility in implementing documents and record controls within and between systems that manage content, documents and records.

The rising tide of information chaos and confusion is creating demand for new information management practices beyond traditional Enterprise Content Management and its reliance on a single content repository. This modern approach, known as Intelligent Information Management (IIM), lets users deliver content functionality in modular, consumable chunks and in context to those business applications that make the biggest impact on how they serve their customers.

IIM is a roadmap that encompasses the following key information-centric capabilities covered in our IIM course:

  • Creating, Capturing, and Sharing Information
  • Extracting Intelligence from Information
  • Digitalizing Information-Intensive Processes
  • Automating Governance and Compliance
  • Implementing an Information Management Solution

In summary, I highly recommend this valuable certification for any professional and leader working in the fields of content, records, documents, and information management.


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